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"Treasure seekers and voyagers alike have, for centuries, sought passage to Peru in search of the secrets and wonders of a remarkable land and civilization."


Please let me thank you again for all your support with our trip through the Peru. I really appreciate your perfect service during all the time, especially guides working and sure all program built-up by Coltur. Be sure, that all our customer were absolutely satisfied and they finished their travelling with lot of experience, pleasure and amazing memories.

Dana Kementova, Marketing Manager
Avnet, Chez Republic
  • Operable year round.
  • Easy access: Direct flights from mayor US, Latin American and European hubs.
  • World-class luxury hotels at unique locations.
  • Excellent soft adventure options.
  • Exciting nightlife.
  • Unique set-ups for team building activities.
  • Amazing natural and historical venues for theme parties.
  • Among top 5 world gastronomical destinations.
  • Scenic train rides through the mountains (voted as best train ride in the world)
  • 12 Unesco world heritage sites and 6 Intangible cultural heritage.
  • Excellent shopping for silver, leather and handicrafts.